How to Clean Outdoor or Indoor Furniture with a Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is an excellent cleaning tool that can be used to clean outdoor or indoor furniture. There are many reasons why you should have a pressure washer for outdoor or indoor furniture on hand. Some of the reasons include giving your furniture a thorough clean and make them look like new again, proactive stain protection, and being able to clean any messes that may happen in an instant

My aim is to teach people how to clean their outdoor and indoor furniture using a pressure washer. It’s great because it saves you time and money compared to hiring someone else to do it for you.

Complete videos on how to clean your Furniture

In these videos you will learn the best way to presure wash your Furniture without any difficulty and damage to your furniture.

How to clean outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture can get pretty dirty from sitting out in the rain and snow. You can use a pressure washer to clean them quickly and easily. Just make sure to use the right kind of pressure washer and the right kind of detergent. You don’t want to damage your Furniture.

Most of people love spending time outdoors. But after a season of barbecues and pool parties, your outdoor furniture might need a little TLC. Pressure washers are a great way to clean outdoor chairs and get them ready for another year of use..

How to clean indoor Furniture

While cleaning indoor furniture with a pressure washer can be a messy and time-consuming task, it can be done quickly and easily with a little preparation. Start by prepping the surface of the furniture by wetting it down. Next, use the pressure washer to clean the surface. Be sure to use the right nozzle for the type of surface you are cleaning and keep the pressure consistent to avoid damage.

Cleaning indoor furniture with a pressure washer can be a daunting task, but with the right techniques it can be done quickly and easily. The key to success is to use the right pressure washer for the job. If the furniture is made of wood, use a high pressure washer. If the furniture is made of plastic, use a moderate pressure washer.

5 steps to Pressure Wash Your Furniture

Step 1: Gather all of your supplies

You’ll need water, soap, a pressure washer (or similar device), towels, and a guide rope for making straight lines on your surface. Make sure that the surface is clean and dry before continuing onto step two!

Step 2: Use a guide rope to make straight lines

Use a guide rope to make straight lines on your surface so that you don’t miss any spots while cleaning them off with water pressure.

Step 3: Use a soft brush to remove any dirt from in between the cracks

Use a soft brush to remove any dirt from in between the cracks so that they don’t clog up your nozzle when spraying water onto your surface. This will ensure that you get an even coverage across the whole area being cleaned!

Step 4: Let it dry completely before using it again!

When finished cleaning with water pressure, let it dry completely before using it again! This will ensure maximum durability when using it for its intended purpose or placing items on top of it like plates or cups for serving food or drinks at parties or family gatherings!

Step 5: Enjoy Your shinny & Clean Furniture!

Best 5 Pressure washers to clean your Furniture

5 Tips for Pressure washing your Furniture

If you’ve got wood furniture that’s been sitting outside for a while, chances are it’s pretty dirty. But don’t worry! With just a little bit of effort and some high-pressure water from a pressure washer, you can get your wood furniture looking like new again. Here are 5 tips for getting the most out of your pressure washing experience:

1. Start with an empty tank – This might seem obvious, but it’s important to note that when using a pressure washer you should always start with an empty tank; otherwise, the extreme change in pressure could cause damage to the equipment or even injury to yourself or someone else nearby.

2. Use plenty of soap – If you want your wood furniture to look its best after being pressure washed then make sure you use plenty of soap along with it—this will help lift dirt away from surfaces much more easily than if they were washed without any soap at all!

3. Let it dry completely before using – Once you’re done pressure washing your wood furniture make sure you let it dry completely before using it again; otherwise, this could cause damage to the surface or even mold/mildew growth if left wet too long!

4. Use a good quality hose – You’re going to need a good quality hose if you want to get the most out of your pressure washing experience; otherwise, there won’t be enough water flow coming through them and this will greatly reduce their effectiveness when trying to clean things like dirt and grime off surfaces like wood furniture!

5. Practice makes perfect – The last tip is simple: practice makes perfect! If you want perfect results then make sure you practice using these tips beforehand so that when the time comes you’ll be able to do them like a pro and have beautiful looking wood furniture once again!


Can you pressure wash indoor wood furniture?

A pressure wash quickly removes stains from wooden surfaces. If the task you want to complete is removing stain from your deck, then go for it! But avoid using a power washer to clean wood if you want to leave stains on it.

Does pressure washing ruin wood?

Ideally, power washing a wood deck won’t etch or dissolve the softwood fibres and damage the wood. However, when wood is wet, the fibres may stand up, giving the surface a rough texture. This is a particular issue with handrails since the elevated fibres there might cause splinters and need to be sanded down.

Why you should not pressure wash wood?

If your deck boards are made of wood, the pressure from a power washer could shatter them and harm the fibers. Pressure washing will simply make the splintering on the timber surface worse if it already has any.

What is the best thing to wash wood with?

You should ideally use a detergent made specifically for cleaning wood. It can also be fixed with a straightforward mixture of half a cup of distilled white vinegar, half a cup of warm water, and a teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid.

What PSI should I use to clean wood?

You will be best served by utilising the lowest pressure level that is still functional when washing a hardwood deck. This is typically between 500 and 600 psi for soft timbers like cedar or pine. It may reach pressures of 1200 to 1500 psi for harder timbers.


Pressure washing is a fast and effective way to clean outdoor as well as indoor furniture. You can use a pressure washer to remove dirt, grime, and mold from your patio furniture in just minutes. pressure washing is also a great way to prepare your furniture for a new coat of paint or sealant.

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